Teeth whitening is a very popular treatment for all ages from 18+.


A bright smile showing the results of successful teeth whitening, at Barron Dental, Leith, Edinburgh. Teeth whitening Edinburgh

Teeth whitening can have a positive impact on not only how you look but how you feel. At Barron Dental, we believe that a bright smile is just as much a part of your appearance as your hairstyle or clothes. This has been confirmed in recent studies which show that our looks play a large role in our personal and professional success. If we have a confident smile, we can feel more confident about ourselves.

Throughout the years our teeth become exposed to many substances as part of our daily habits. Tea, coffee, nicotine, red wine, food dyes and ageing itself cause the teeth to gradually fade away from their natural whiteness.

Treatments like ours have lightened and brightened millions of people’s teeth and revitalised their smiles. Designed to improve the colour of teeth and restore natural whiteness, teeth whitening is a bleaching process used by dentists to refresh smiles.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our whitening treatment involves no physical alteration to your teeth at all and has proven effective and extremely safe when carried out under the supervision of a dentist. It can also be completed in your own time, within the comfort of your own home. Teeth whitening provided by a dentist is far superior to the products available at your local chemist or on the internet.

Answering all your Questions

For further information on the procedure and how long it lasts, please read our What is Teeth Whitening blog post.

If you are interested in discussing this further, simply contact a member of our Edinburgh dental team. Please view our map location for information on how best to reach our Edinburgh practice.

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